“Dr. Aaronson is such a wonderful person.  He has an incredible bedside manner.  He is comforting and soft-spoken.  He takes his time with you.  He listened to everything I had to say.”

“Dr. Aaronson did a fantastic job of feathering the laser so that there is no distinction in the skin where the laser stopped.” – Rhonda Loop & Linda Lake

“Everything was explained and there were no surprises at any point, except that the whole process was so easy.” – Jamie Bogner

“The overall effect isn’t obvious. We don’t have friends saying, ‘Wow! You’ve had some work done!’ Instead they compliment us on our appearance and ask, ‘What’s your secret?’” – Doug Hale

“Not only is Dr. Aaronson an amazing surgeon, his credentials and training are truly impressive and his results are fantastic.” – Sue Phillips

“I was greeted warmly and with respect by every staff member.  Dr. Aaronson answered all of my questions and addressed each of my concerns.” – Veronica Harned

I’m definitely more confident and other women say “Wow!  Who did your surgery?  I want mine to look like yours!” – Laura Lee Holbrook

“If you could see the before and after pictures, you’d be blown away!  I have my teenage stomach back.” – Lisa Owens

“My friends who’ve been to Dr. Aaronson had very natural-looking results.  I never suspected they’d had surgery until they told me!” – Stephanie Gonzalez

I appreciate that you're making the Aaronson Plastic Surgery Center a part of your research toward achieving optimum plastic surgery results. Should I have the pleasure of working with you, I promise to treat you as I would a member of my family or a very good friend. While I consider myself a leader in the newest advances, I won't perform any procedure until good results have been proven and documented. I will not take risks with your appearance.

- Scott Aaronson, M.D., F.A.C.S

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